Testing: Orders & Refund

Follow these steps to test your Magic Checkout plugin for Magento 1


We recommend to first test and integrate the plugin on a staging environment. Follow the steps in the next pages to test your integration.

Update Plugin Configuration to Test Settings

  1. Navigate to the Magic configuration settings by going to:

System → Configuration → Sales→ Magic

  1. Add the Staging Configuration you found at this link to test the Magic behaviour with Staging mode first

  2. Enable Magic Checkout by going to:

System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods

  1. Click on Save Config


After you have completed all of the steps in the installation, you should:

  1. See the Magic Checkout button on our Product Page, Mini-Cart (if available), and Cart Page.
  2. Click the Magic Checkout button to begin a Magic Checkout
  3. Login. If it's the first time follow the instruction to create a new account here and use some tests cards
  4. See the Product or Cart Page and Mini-Cart contents within Magic Checkout.
  5. Be able to complete the purchase with Magic Checkout by entering shipping details and a test payment method.

After the test, send us in your personal Jira Ticket replying to the Integration email the Test Order Token provided with the Confirmation Email.

After all these steps, if everything is ok, we'll send you the Production Keys to put Magic live on your E-Commerce!

How to refund an order



If you can't see the refund option, be aware that you have to activate it first

  1. Go to Admin site
  2. Select Sales (from top menu)
  3. Select Orders

Select and open a specific order that has to be refunded:

  1. Select order β€œview”
  2. Select β€œInvoices” from left menu under Order view
  3. View/open the invoice to be refunded
  4. Click on the β€œCredit Memo” button from the top menu of the invoice
  5. Click on the β€œRefund” button (at the bottom of the page) to refund the specified amount

Refund and Refund Offline

Clicking Refund will automatically trigger the refund in Magic. You will not need to manually refund the customer via the portal.
If you don’t want to refund the customer automatically please use the Refund Offline button.



If you still see only the Refund Offline option, be aware to follow the steps below and select Credit Memo from the inside of the Order Invoice.