Testing: Orders & Refunds

We recommend to first test and integrate the plugin on a Staging Environment.

Follow the steps below to test your integration.

Order Flow

After you have completed all of the steps in the installation, you should:


1- See the Magic Checkout button on our Product, Mini-Cart, and Cart Page.
2- Click the Magic Checkout button to begin a Magic Checkout
3- Login. If it's the first time follow the instruction to create a new account here and use some Tests Cards.
4- See the Product or Cart contents within Magic Checkout.
5- Be able to complete the Purchase with Magic Checkout by entering Shipping Details and a Test Payment Method.

After the test, send us in your personal Jira Ticket replying to the Integration email the Test Order Token provided with the Confirmation Email.

After all these steps, if everything is ok, we'll send you the Production Keys to put Magic live on your E-Commerce!

How to Refund an Order

1- Go to the WooCommerce orders page from the left menù in the Admin Panel


2- Edit/View Order placed with Magic Checkout Payment Method
3- Scroll down to the button "Refund" and click on it


4- When you click on the Refund Button, a form will appear. Add Quantity of items and amount and click on the "Refund via amount Magic Checkout" Button.

Clicking "Refund via amount Magic Checkout" Button will automatically trigger the refund in Magic. You will not need to manually refund the customer via the portal.



If you don’t want to refund the customer automatically please use the "Refund amount manually" button.