Plugin Installation & Configuration

Follow these steps to install the plugin!



Once you have installed and configured the plugin, be sure to:

  1. Test all its functionalities including order checkout flow and refund flow
  2. Appearance of Magic Checkout on product, mini-cart and cart pages.
  3. Correctly insert the API key to go live.

Install your WooCommerce Plugin

  1. Login at your admin panel with your credentials.
    The URL should be something like:
  1. After successfully Login to backend Admin from left navigation select Plugins > Add New .
  1. The following screen will show up. Click on Upload Plugin and then on Browse.
  1. Select your Magic Checkout zip file using popup window.
  2. When you click on Install now button, the plugin will be uploaded and installed but not activated yet.
  3. Click on the Activate button to activate the plugin. You will be redirected to the plugin configuration page. Here you can start configuring your plugin accordingly to your needs and then save the settings.

To configure the plugin you can also go to the Installed plugins list on the left menu, find Magic Checkout and click on “settings”.

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Magic Payment Settings

To Enable Magic Checkout or to edit the plugin's configurations go to:

PluginInstalled PluginsMagic CheckoutSettings

1: Flag Enabled checkbox to enable the plugin


2: Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page


To make sure you have installed the plugin with the Staging configurations correctly set, you have to find all this value in the configuration panel:


Staging Environment

Magic API endpoint


Secret Key

Widget CDN

Enable Magic Checkout - Product, Mini-Cart, Cart Page

You could add the Magic Checkout button in 3 different areas of your site:

1- Product Page
2- Mini-Cart
3- Cart Page

In the table below you can find the mapping of all the attributes you can find in the Magic Checkout Configuration panel on the Back-Office.

Current Version

Version of the installed Magic Checkout Plugin


Status of the Magic Checkout Plugin

Merchant Token

Provided in your merchant onboarding email

Secret Key

Provided in your merchant onboarding email


Select the Endpoint to the Magic CDN. Value: Staging / Production

Product Page - Toggle Magic

Select "Yes" to show on Product Page or "No" to hide from that page

Button Position On Product

Select Magic Checkout Button position to display on Product Page

Cart Page - Toggle Magic

Select "Yes" to show on Cart Page or "No" to hide from that page

Button Position On Cart

Select Magic Checkout Button position to display on Cart Page

Mini Cart

Select "Yes" to show on Mini Cart or "No" to hide from that page

Display Prices

Select one of the values if you want to see prices including or excluding taxes

Order Status

Select the status in which the order with Magic is to be saved

Hide Magic Button On Product Types

Hide Magic button for selected product types (Simple Product, Grouped Product, Variable Product)

Hide Magic Button On Categories

Hide magic button for selected categories

Shipping Methods

Select Shipping Methods to show and use in the Magic IFrame

Analytics Scripts

All the Scripts used to track the Order flow

Enable Error Logs

Status of the collectable Magic Checkout Error Logs


Magic Checkout Placement advice

For best product performance, Magic Checkout should appear as follows:

Product Page
Direct above the Add to Cart button

Mini-Cart Page
Directly above the View Cart / Checkout buttons

Cart Page
Directly above the Checkout button

Enable additional functions (Coupon Code, Fiscal Code, Marketing Option etc)

After you Go live with Magic, you can proceed enabling Coupon Code, Fiscal Code and Marketing Option fields and adding your Privacy and Cookie Policy and Terms&Conditions: you can find more info consulting the Merchant Portal instructions.