Magento 1

Magic provides a ready-to-install extension for your Magento 1 store. Setting up Magic is fast and easy: just follow these steps!


Supported Versions

Magic supports Magento 1 version 1.9.x & Above

  1. Download the latest version of our Magento1 plugin
  2. Install your plugin
  3. Configure your plugin
  4. Test your plugin to ensure that everything works fine
  5. Go Live!

If you need support to integrate the plugin or if you have any specific questions or doubts, please refer to the contact in your personal Jira ticket.


Testing is important!

After your module is correctly installed and configured, make sure to complete a test order and send us the transaction Order Token to let us check the integration.

Where you can find the Order Token

You can find the Order Token in these 3 points:

  1. In the Comment list of the order detail on Admin panel

  1. In the Thank you page of the Magic iframe

  1. In the Magic confirmation order mail