Last steps to Go-live

Below you can find the steps you have to follow to go live with Magic Checkout

After you have completed all of the steps in the installation, you should:

1- See the Magic Checkout button on our product, mini-cart (if available), and cart page.
2- Click the Magic Checkout button to begin a Magic Checkout
3- Login. If it's the first time follow the instruction to create a new account and use some Tests Cards
4- See the product or cart contents within Magic Checkout.
5- Be able to complete the purchase with Magic Checkout by entering shipping details and a test payment method.
6- Check Refund flow

After all these steps, send to your Integration Manager:

  • Screenshot of the website sections where Magic has been enabled: Product Page, Cart, Mini-Cart (if available and compatible)
  • Order Token/Transaction ID of a test order

Once we will verify all the requested info and confirmed that everything is ok, we will send you the temporary password for the first access to the Production Merchant Portal, where you will be able to retrieve the Production Keys to Go Live with Magic.


How to set Production Keys

At the following link you will also find a step-by-step Video Guide to finalize the Go Live with Magic:


Support after Integration's end

For any reports and questions after the end of integration, you can find email contacts to write to at this link How to contact us .